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Mersey Counselling
Therapy Centre

22 March 2024

Please note we are having issues responding to Yahoo and AOL emails.

This is due to a Microsoft issue.

Please use a different email account to contact us. 

We are close to Hamilton Square Station (about a one minute walk), bus terminals at Woodside Ferry and the Ferry terminal itself.
By Train:
Come out of Hamilton Square Station and turn right.
Walk up to the town hall and turn left just before the town hall steps into Mortimer Street, then first left into Albion Street.
(We are just across from the police station opposite the magistrates court.)
There is on street parking all around Hamilton Square (£1 per hour) and two all day car parks from £2.50 per day nearby.

There is a front door and back door through the archway, please come through the archway and use the backdoor


About Us

We are a charity providing counselling and therapy support based in Birkenhead. We also offer online support, so our geographical range is not limited to the Wirral and Merseyside area.

If you are in need we are here for you. 

We can offer support for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety and depression, bereavement, addiction, abuse, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and many more services.

We can offer relatively short waiting times and counselling sessions of up to 90 minutes. At MCTC, we tailor the number of sessions to the needs of each individual, subject to regular reviews and whilst resources allow.

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How It Works

How It Works

Our Vision


We want to make therapy accessible to all, not just those who can afford it.

Our team of therapists share our vision. 

By simply getting in touch, we can begin the process of finding a therapist who is best suited to you.  

You do not need a referral from any other agency.

Community Funded

We are very grateful to those who help us achieve this vision by supporting the costs of running MCTC. 

These include private donations and grants from charitable foundations. A list of those who help can be found in our Annual Report. 


We believe therapy and counselling support should be accessible to all.

 At MCTC, we tailor the number of sessions to the needs of each individual, subject to regular reviews and whilst resources allow.

One-to-One Therapy

Courses and Training

Workshops and Group sessions

Creative Practice


"Without MCTC, I doubt I would be here today."


— Anonymous, MCTC client


Children and Young People

We are working with some local schools and community groups supporting the future mental health of our children and young people.

Get in touch if you think we can help your school:

The Schools' Project

Support Us

We rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of those who support MCTC and our ethos. Please help us to be there for those most in need.

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